Hi there! I am a second year PhD student working on Meta-Reinforcement Learning at the Technical University Berlin. My work is funded by the Science of Intelligence Excellence Cluster and supervised by Henning Sprekeler. I am also a researcher at FOR.ai and curator of Visual-ML-Notes. Previously, I completed a MSc in Computing at Imperial College London, a Data Science MSc at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an Econ undergrad at the University of Cologne.

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February 06, 2021: Evolving Neural Networks in JAX

“So why should I switch from <insert-autodiff-library> to JAX?”. The classic first passive-aggressive question when talking about the new ‘kid on the block’. Here is my answer: JAX is not simply a fast library for automatic differentiation. If your scientific computing project wants to benefit from XLA, JIT-compilation and the bulk-array programming paradigm – then JAX provides a wonderful API.