Hi there! I am a first year PhD student at the Technical University Berlin. My research combines Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Cognitive Science to study the learning dynamics of large collectives. It is funded by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin & the Science of Intelligence Excellence Cluster and supervised by Henning Sprekeler. I completed a MSc in Computing at Imperial College London, a Data Science MSc at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an Economics undergrad at the University of Cologne.

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August 11, 2019: A Primer on Deep Q-Learning - Part 1/2

Before starting to write a blog post I always ask myself - “What is the added value?”. There is a lot of awesome ML material out there. And a lot of duplicates as well. Especially when it comes to all the flavors of Deep Reinforcement Learning. So you might wonder what is the added value of this two part blog post on Deep Q-Learning? It is threefold.

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