Deep Multi-Agent RL for Complex Swarm Behavior

Published in Extended Abstract Submitted for EEML Application. The preliminary results outlined are very much work-in-progress and originated during a lab rotation from January to March of 2019 at Henning Sprekeler’s Lab at the TU Berlin., 2019

Recommended citation: Lange, Robert Tjarko. (2019). "Multi-Agent RL for Complex Swarm Dynamics." Do not cite. Preliminary work.

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This working paper is the result of my ECN Berlin lab rotation at Henning Sprekeler’s lab at TU Berlin. We use tools from Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning to learn collective behavior in a gradient-driven fashion. More specifically, we introduce a multi-agent environment with a reward function design based on phenomenological observations of fish schools. These include survival, alignment, attraction and repulsion. Checkout the Swarm MARL environment in OpenAI Gym style.